LiveTech Unveils New Brand Identity

New Brand Identity

Chennai: LiveTech, an IT accessories and peripherals brand of leading distributor Vajawat Computers, recently unveiled its new brand identity. The logo replicates the ‘Triple-Aim approach’ of optimal quality, maximum value and complete satisfaction of its stakeholders including customers and partners.

“Our logo symbolizes this approach. The joining of the L and T in the logo, symbolises the union between ‘Life’ and ‘Technology’, giving birth to Live Tech,” Hitesh Vajawat, CEO, Vajawat Computers told ‘Channel Times’.

The OEM has chosen Red as the primary color to personify passion and determination. “Our Guiding Philosophy is to provide our consumers with an unbeatable value for their money. Today, technology has become an indispensable part of our Life, and we at LIVE TECH are here to make sure that your Technology is Live like yourself,” he said.

Live Tech deals in variety of product range such as keyboards, mouse, speakers, headphones, earphones, cables, PC cabinets, PCI components and various other computer accessories.

Speaking further on the new brand identity, Vajawat said, “LiveTech has a largely basic and functional line-up of products in accordance with our pursuit for maximum value for money. From 2017 we are going to diversify into more premium and innovative products. With several new products on the way and even more in development, we plan to reinvent our catalogue to serve a much larger segment of consumers. ‘Premium Products’ without the ‘Premium Price Tag’, that’s our offer. This Reinvention of our product-line, our customer-segment and our marketing-strategy is what prompted us to change our logo/brand identity.”

On the channel plans Vajawat said, that the products under LiveTech banner will get into the market with aggressive pricing schemes for the dealers- distributors alongside a strong digital marketing campaign, which we are working on already.

“A free of cost display piece will be given to our premium partners along with a live demo of our new products. All plans aside, ‘Delivering an unbeatable value for money’ will always be our core marketing strategy,” he concluded.

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