Microsoft, IAMCP Team Up To Support Women In Technology

Women In Technology

New Delhi: Women in Technology (WIT), a joint initiative between the IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) and WPG (the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Group) is exploring the possibility of conducting webinars related to technology awareness. These webinars will be focused on Girl Students in colleges, Underprivileged Girls or General Partner Community.

Under the umbrella of the IAMCP, global WIT communities collectively support female professionals in the technology field.

IAMCP WIT India is focused to work on 5 points that includes enhancing women’s professional growth by providing information on coaching career paths, flexibility, and role models, develop new and existing commercial talent in Indian Women, fostering the retention and promotion of women in technology, ability to attract, develop and retain diverse women and to cultivate the leadership competencies that reflect focus on growth.

The forum recently had its first meeting where they finalized on the WIT objectives and named Nazmeen Ansari as President, Sarika Malhotra as Vice-President and Preeti Rane as the Secretary to take this objective further.

Education is to be one of the area which resonates well with the objectives of WIT and it was decided to explore the same further, the forum believes. WIT India is therefore looking to conduct workshops with local NGOs that work with girls and women to spread awareness on women in technology.

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