Trend Micro To Recruit Domain Specialist Channel Partners In India

Endpoint security solutions company Trend Micro is actively looking for channel partners, specialized in the technology domain, such as Cloud, Mobility and Defence in India. The company, which is largely focused on its Enterprise and SMB business in the country, recently hired a distributor for its offerings in the SOHO segment.

Talking to Channel Times, Nilesh Jain, Country Manager, (India and SAARC), Trend Micro said that the company is actively looking to work with channel partners who are specialized in specific technologies and industries. “Trend Micro has been the channel friendly company and we see channel as an inevitable part of our growth strategy. We have been actively looking out and recruiting channel partners who do understand the complexity of business. We are trying to tap partners who are engaged in custom defence, mobility and cloud”, Jain said.

The company recently signed a distribution pact with Pune based NNR IT Solutions for its consumer line of business. The company has both online and offline sales model in terms of its consumer business. Jain, however, said that consumer segment is not the key focus area for the company and major growth is coming from the enterprise business.

“As a part of our business strategy, we want to make sure that business runs the way it has been running. However, we do not have big plans when it comes to consumer business in India. Our major business comes from very large enterprise customers and SMB customers. Of course, there is some amount of business we are getting from a customer line of products. So we have enrolled NNR IT for consumer products. We are selling online and consumers also have the option to purchase from the conventional channel which NNR IT is going to address”, Jain said.

Android devices are the biggest targets of hackers and a large number of Android devices were compromised in 2015. Mobile security is one of the growth areas Trend Micro focuses on India and with the surge in the malware attacks on mobility devices, the company expects that mobile security would drive the business for endpoint security players.

“Mobile is now getting integrated with the enterprise area network because of it. Today, most of the enterprises allow their employees to run enterprise applications on mobile. Mobile security is a part of our enterprise security offering. We have mobile security which caters to latest mobile threats and which also runs on leading operating systems on mobile devices and it is part of our solution”, Jain said.

Apart from mobile security, the company is also focusing on the government vertical which has witnessed a large number of custom attacks in last two years. With government’s focus on the digitization, many targeted attacks are being executed on the government establishments sneaking into the architecture through loopholes. Trend Micro is collaborating with various agencies to advise on the security framework. “Government is a big focus for Trend Micro and we have a big team who is addressing the government segment. We are working with consultant agencies who are helping the government bodies to design RFPs”, Jain said.

Talking about the growth opportunities in the current security landscape, Jain said that adoption of new technologies like cloud and increasing custom malware attacks, would compel the organizations to make big investments in security and hence, fuel the growth of the endpoint security market.

“Customers are looking at big security investments as there is an unprecedented surge in cybercrimes and custom attack. Here we have a big market and we are working hand in hand with our channel partners to make sure that those customers are well protected proactively to tackle advance cyber threats. This is the opportunity we have in the enterprise as well as SMB space in India”, Jain said.

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